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DINNER & EARTHSHIPS TALK WITH DUUVY JESTER. Wednesday, 10 April 2013, 6.30 for 7 pm, Chapel by the Sea, 95 Roscoe Street, Bondi Beach.

The Alternative Technology Association (ATA), together with Transition Bondi, will welcome Duuvy Jester from Earthships Australia.

“The Earthship is the epitome of sustainable design and construction. No part of sustainable living has been ignored in this ingenious building.” 

Built with recycled materials, earth connectivity and passive systems, Earthships are renowned for integrating day-to-day life with the biosphere.  Earthships have a maverick history with Michael Reynolds AKA the “The Garbage Warrior” at the helm, and our speaker Duuvy Jester continues this fine tradition.

Speaker Bio:  Duuvy spontaneously came into reality around 28 years ago on a moonless night, there was very little rain in the sky and the werewolves were asleep – conditions were perfect!  From there he was involved in many different community projects before finally ending up in New Mexico to learn how to build Earthships with renegade Homo sapien, Michael Reynolds.  During this time, Duuvy learned not only how to build these things but also how to encounter the natural phenomena of the planet passively.  He then returned to his dusty Australian homeland, where he collaborated with other fine specimens to complete Australia’s first Earthship and planet Earth’s first ever hempcrete Earthship.  Now what?  The future beckons..

Talk summary:  Earthships are habitats that are built on a foundation of passive encounters with universal phenomena such as sun path, rain trends, wind and land contour etc.  The six main interconnected components of this system comprise of:

1) Building with recycled and natural materials including byproducts of modern society like cans, bottles and tyres
2) Solar thermal heating and earth tube cooling systems
3) Energy production from renewable sources
4) Rainwater harvesting and water reuse
5) Integrated food production systems
6) On-site sewerage treatment

The talk will cover the first completed Earthship in Australia’s history and its appropriation to the sub tropical climate of the area.  Hempcrete was used instead of Portland cement for a large portion of the build, a world first for Earthship construction.  Construction was through a participatory approach where volunteers became the builders while learning Earthship building techniques, paving the way for future earthship development in Australia.

This will be an inspiring talk for all those interested in Earthships and how we can build resilient buildings and communities.

To find out more about Earthships, check out the website of Earthship Biotecture at

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