Wall up Bondi!

June 7, 2017

On 4 July 2017, members of the Bondi community, young and old alike, took spade in hand to build a sandcastle wall along the beach. The sand wall would at least temporarily help keep out the seemingly endless waves of plastic pollution on our beaches.

Sunday’s event was intriguing and creative. What a good idea, to invite people to the beach, to play – but no – to protest, by making sandcastles! To ignite our imaginations with a wall, keeping plastic pollution out of the ocean.

The backbone was provided….a long line of small hills starting from the south end of the beach, and all that was needed was provided: some buckets. Plenty of hands, lively bodies, interactive people, and imaginative humans of all sizes. No fuss, no waste, no deadlines, pure energy and goodwill. And stories were exchanged about waste, plastic pollution in the ocean, local environmental initiatives, and contributions to solutions.

There was an interview and some big group photos with Wendy Harmer (ABC, podcast War on Waste) at midday, to end the activity.

How many came? Who knows. Some came from their environmental groups, others through a Facebook message, others, through passing by and hearing about the symbolic wall that was being made, to send a message to the NSW Government to ban the plastic bag already!

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