Food Collectives

Transition Bondi supports the following food collectives and delivery services.

Ooooby (Out of Our Own Back Yards) delivers fresh fruit and vegetables from local and organic growers to Sydney doorsteps every week. The mission is to put local small-scale sustainable farming back at the heart of the food system we all depend on, and to make shopping for local and organic food easier than going to the supermarket so that small farmers can share in the online food delivery revolution. If you’ve ever been to Transition Bondi’s Film & Feast, you’ve tasted Ooooby’s delicious organic produce, the vast majority of which is sourced from within 100 kilometres of Sydney. For more information or to sign up, visit

The Bondi Food Collective is a member-based not-for-profit run for the community by the community, providing the very best in organic, Australian-grown produce and dry foods at more affordable prices than conventional supermarkets, and at the same time cultivating a great local food community. Members can create their own weekly fruit & veg box picked fresh to order, plus feast on heaps of dry foods such as rice, nuts, quinoa, millet, honey, and much much more – all organic and all Australian-grown by smaller producers, so there’s never a question of where your food is coming from or what’s in it. All profits go back into community initiatives like our Food Survival education program and all packaging is BYO. For more information or to become a member, visit