Happy Fish Bondi

Vision: Ocean biodiversity and fish for the future.

Mission: Starting small and local, our goal is to make Bondi Beach Australia’s 1st sustainable seafood destination.


  • By making it ridiculously easy for seafood sellers and consumers to know what seafood’s sustainable and where to get it, and verify its provenance.
  • By leveraging Bondi Beach’s iconic status and locals hungry for sustainable produce.

Who? Happy Fish Bondi was started by volunteer locals alarmed to discover the extent of fish and ocean ecosystem decline. We’ve evolved into an independent environmental enterprise founded on passion, practical solutions and extensive ocean-to-plate networks.

We are coming to Bondi fish shops and restaurants soon! Visit happyfish.org.au to find out more. Happy Fish Bondi - sustainable seafood.

For more information or to get involved, contact Sandra Marshall at sandramarshall9(at)bigpond.com or +61 02-9130-3314.